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Do you offer vegan and gluten free items?

We are very proud of our vegan range, even though it is still limited. New flavours are on the way! The eggs are replaced with apple puree, and the butter with plant-based fats.

At the moment we don't have gluten free cookies, but we hope to start developing recipes soon.

Should I heat up the cookies before eating?

Yes! When you heat up the cookies, the chocolate melts and the heat brings out the best texture. Please follow the instructions on the Instructions page.

How do I keep the cookies fresh?

Our cookies are baked to order. Simply keep them inside the packaging, and please check the Consume by date on the back of the packaging. You can freeze the cookies in a ziplock bag for up to 3 weeks. Before eating, let them thaw completely until they reach room temperature. Then heat them up in the oven as usual.

Can I make these cookies at home?

Of course! You can buy our mixes and make the cookies yourself. Simply add the wet ingredients (for example, eggs and butter). You can find the baking instructions on the Instructions page.

Can I return the product?

If you receive a badly damaged or incorrect product, do not accept the parcel until you have reported it to the person who delivered it so that compensation can be claimed. Products with a short lifespan can unfortunately not be returned. If you receive the wrong product, please send it back to us (at own cost). The product must be unopened. Please contact us if you need to inform us of any complaints, and we will investigate how best to accommodate you.

Do the products contain allergens?

Yes, but if you are not allergic to any of these, then our products are perfectly safe! Each cookie is labelled with a list of ingredients and allergens - please check the label before eating! They contain nuts (or traces thereof), gluten and sulphites. The non-vegan cookies also contain milk and eggs. These ingredients give texture, structure and taste, which gives you a much better product.

When can I expect my order?

We bake on Wednesdays and Sundays, and then ship the next day provided that we received your order on time. Shipping can take 1 - 3 days, depending on our third-party service provider.

Can I get a discount?

Don't tell anyone, but you could get a discount if you ask nicely at checkout ;-)

We also have discounts built into the purchasing and social media experiences, so keep an eye open!

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